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What is Sapporo Cooking?

   We offer a “team building cooking program” for groups and corporations. They are fun and delicious food classes

   designed for foreigners and Japanese people visiting Hokkaido using the region’s finest ingredients and selected

   cooking teachers.

    Lesson can be conducted in English

        It is okay if you cannot speak Japanese. Please contact us regarding an interpreter.

       ・ We provide everything including aprons, so just bring yourself to the class.

       ・ The duration of lesson can be arranged to last for 1.5 hours up to 4 hours including cooking and eating.

       ・ English or Chinese recipes can also be provided.

4 Features of Sapporo Cooking

1.The best ingredients.

        We use the same ingredients that are used in top-rated restaurants,

        and they are carefully selected from Hokkaido’s local seasonal produce.

2.Suggesting a menu related to Hokkaido.

        You can make your favorite soup curry by preparing soup stock using fresh seafood, vegetables, and meat.

        We can provide a unique menu related to Hokkaido including sushi making experiences and

        sake tasting experiences.

3.We can arrange a menu for people with meal restrictions.

        It is possible to conduct lessons for vegetarians and people with food restrictions.

        If you have any food restrictions, please contact us in advance.

4.Unique cooking programs.

       We have a huge food related network and the planning abilities to provide a cultural food experience

       which is far beyond the parameters of normal cooking classes.

       It is also possible to meet your needs on a custom basis.